To Be Human Is to Be Creative

I’ve been consuming resources on creativity, mainly about unlocking and unblocking creativity. (Most recently, the book Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk: And Other Truths About Being Creative by Danielle Krysa) The writers of these resources state that everyone is/can be creative, yet still they reference activities like painting, writing, dancing… all forms of art. This narrow use of creativity still leaves many people with the notion that they aren’t actually creative because they don’t partake in any artistic pursuits.

I’d like to submit that everyone is creative, and that another name for creativity is problem-solving.

Creativity is using your resources — external and internal, whatever they are — to make something new. To imitate and follow the same steps that someone else has created is to recreate, and even then you often put your own spin on things, perhaps without meaning to.

All humans are creative by nature. I think this is what it means to be made “in the image of God.” We all use our minds to imagine things, constantly. (Side note: All humans are creative, but not all who create are human. I think other animals exhibit this trait as well.)

Creativity is a skill of which we all have basic knowledge, and practicing it can lead to better problem-solving abilities. It’s not just for artists and writers, it’s for us all. It is also a path to wellbeing. Practicing isn’t encouraged just so that you will create things for others to sell and consume or so that you will create yourself as someone important. Creativity is a vital tool of resilience in an uncertain and challenging existence.

In our daily lives, we are always either creating, recreating, or destroying. I’m working on building creative practices into my own life, to get better at this skill, and I see fostering creativity as an important spiritual pursuit.

You are a creative creature. Whether you care to create art or not. How will you use your creative abilities?


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